Finding that silver lining

Well, bummer. The all-volunteer group I’ve been working with to build the Nashville Community Darkroom did not meet our kickstarter goal today. We got over three fourths of the funds, but didn’t quite make it. So today I’m looking around for things to be happy about.

• I did a photo shoot last night (with FILM) for the East Nashvillian. It went great! 

• Dropped the film off today at Film Box, and I love going there. Nice folks!

• I made some tasty soup! John had some dental work done today, so will need soft food.

• We have three beautiful tomatoes from the garden ripening on the windowsill.

• I spent a lot of time today working on a facebook cover photo for a young musical artist named Nathan Diller. I’m doing some career development with him, and the image is for a campaign I cooked up. Stars and type and photography. Fun!

• Later I get to go make signs for the Gay 5K, which I’m volunteering for this year.

• Tomorrow I get to dig in and find Tennessee Fireworks images to run in the next issue of Real South magazine. They want to do a photo essay of my stuff. For money.

So yeah, counting my blessings over here. And the NCD ain’t over till it’s over. Just time to regroup and go at it again. It’ll happen, right? Right!! 🙂