Happy clients = a very happy Fourth

I am sort of walking on sunshine today, if you’ll indulge me the Pollyanna-scented appropriation of an unfortunate hit song. But good things are happening, and I’m getting positive validation from my clients. How about this, y’all:

“You rock! Nate told me about the New Faces show! That is awesome!! I saw he e-mailed you about the other gigs – this  has been an exciting day 🙂 Thank you for everything!”


“You picked the BEST ISSUE BY FAR we’ve ever done to jump in with both feet. East Nashville Underground spread looks, and reads, KILLA!!!! Be excited!!!!!”


“YOU ROCK!!!! I am so stoked!”

It’s hard to wave goodbye to the security of a regular paycheck, the 401k, and the health benefits. But I tell you what—this feedback, from yesterday and today, is pure gold. It’s one thing to know you’re doing your best, and quite another to get response that robs the world of a few extra exclamation points. 


So I’m gonna take today to indulge my photo itch, see my girlfriends, and paint the town with my main man. Next week, it’s back to working hard and hopefully, pleasing my clients again.

Happy Fourth, all. And cheers to every hard workin’ man and woman under this beautiful sun. !!!!!!